In association with our specialist training and development partners, we are able to provide highly effective and unique people development experiences which focus on enhancing your business performance.

We will work with you to develop a clearly defined and articulated shared vision, with absolute commitment to the goals that will deliver that vision.

Practical, on-the-water training sessions, supplemented by shore-based workshops will allow you to develop a set of agreed priorities for new attitudes, behaviours and values and a united team that exploits personal preferences and diversity to the benefit of your business.

Delegates will be able to improve communication skills to promote better understanding and effectiveness and generate increased motivation and energy to share within your organisation.

Finally, we will work with you on action plans that will help you continue to deliver an enhanced level of performance throughout your business. Each training programme is clearly designed to meet the objectives of the individual company and is often a mix of both workshop and practical sailing-based activities.

The Building a Winning Team programme is a unique performance improvement programme for leaders and teams. The programme is unique because it is a holistic solution that brings together:

  • An ‘outside of your world’ experience – namely big boat sailing with Clipper Events – that has direct parallels to the challenges in business
  • A translation of these experiences into your team environment
  • An understanding of human psychology and how you can apply this to your team
  • A behavioural, skill and process plan specific to your team, your organisation and your market
  • A strong focus on the acceleration of measurable improvement in your business performance

One, two and three-day formats combine sailing as a team on board a Clipper 68 or a Clipper 70, one of our fleet of ocean racing yachts that compete in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, with high impact workshops and follow-up interventions in the workplace. We even offer you the opportunity to live aboard the yachts for the duration of the programme to significantly strengthen team relationships.

Programme options include pre-event discussions on team goals, issues, challenges and values, or an experiential challenge tailored to your team’s requirements which delivers powerful learning experiences.

The course is run by facilitators and the on-the-water learning is taught by our professional skippers and mates who are experienced in training people of all abilities. We usually have people with a mix of sailing experience from complete novices to keen sailors so your team does not need to include experienced sailors.

Programme options include pre-event discussions on team goals, issues, challenges and values, or an experiential challenge tailored to your team’s requirements which delivers powerful learning experiences.

Development Experience

This one-day sailing challenge includes a pre-event briefing at which personal and team objectives are set and a post-event debrief on the lessons learned and their relevance to the challenges of the workplace.

Evolution Experience

This two-day programme combines a full day on board an ocean racing yacht with a one-day shore-based workshop. The workshop will include setting individual and team objectives, a debrief of the team’s experience on the yacht, assessment of high performance behaviours and development of a relevant team action plan.

Performance Experience

This two or three-day development programme is specially designed for senior leadership teams. It is facilitated on board an ocean racing yacht and comprises inter-team profiling, analysis and discussion, relationship development, personal and team strategy alignment and a highly stimulating experiential challenge.

Prices from £250 per person, per day (prices based on twelve guests per boat, whole boat bookings apply, all prices are plus VAT).

We look forward to working with you to tailor your learning and development event to your own specific needs. Talk to us to find out how getting on board with Clipper Events can help you capitalise on your boardroom success. Please view our suggested itinerary and frequently asked questions.


Management Development


"An amazing weekend of sailing. Great skipper and crew. I will be recommending this to all at BNP. A great way to bring our team from across Europe together. Very memorable, very exciting." BNP Paribas

"May I firstly ask you to pass on my sincerest thank you to the skippers and crews of the yachts. They did a first class job. They were in every way great ambassadors for your company and the great sport of sailing. It was a real pleasure to work with them and I really look forward to working with them in the future." Henley Management College

"If the learnings from the event are put in place efficiently and effectively it will have added tremendous value to our business." Talisman Energy

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